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The CDless Home

Posted in Music,Technology by Greg Gannicott on April 11, 2008
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There has been a great deal of talk in the media these past few years about the CD becoming extinct due to the Internet and the fact music is freely available (or at the very least more convenient to get than a CD from Zavvi). Well, due to the fact we’re moving home I’ve been living that dream for the past few days, and let it be said that its not all that convenient. I should say now that I’m a big fan of the CD – or rather I’m a big fan of owning music you can hold – so I am bias.

As it stands, all my CDs are packed away ready for the move (which has now been moved back to next Thursday for those that are interested). I listen to music in about 4 different situations:

  • When I’m out an about/in work on my iPod
  • Sat at my PC using Winamp.
  • When I have 10 minutes to kill whilst I’m at home (eg. getting ready)
  • When I’m in the kitchen spuddling around. Its true!

The first two examples don’t come into this as they involve the iPod and Winamp, but its the second two that suffer. They are both examples of where I just need a quick fix for music and I don’t really want to have to boot up the PC or setup my iPod to play out on the Dolby Digital system down stairs. Its in those situations where i just want to grab a disc and put it on. No messing around.

You don’t realise how much you do this until you can’t do it. I’m now forced to listen to the radio in both situations. Sometimes that’s fine, other times its nice to have a choice.

So until the TV and stereos make it easy to just put a tune on, I think we still need CDs convenience’ sake.

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  1. abe said,

    most tv’s and stereo’s now have USB ports on them so that you can hook up media pc’s and have the music on at the touch of a mouse click. also, stereo’s have come out that have hard drives built in that store your music.

    but i know what you mean…i’m still trying to figure out what to do with my old cassettes! 😉

  2. greggannicott said,

    You’re right Abe, technology is certainly improving on how it interacts with itself. Its been a while now since I had the money to spend on a new stereo, tv or media PC so until that happens I’ll be quite happy to slap a CD on. I think once I do get around to upgrading all my gear I’ll be pleasantly surprised with what’s out there and what I can do. I long for an affordable home media network.

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