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More Elbow Gig Reviews

Posted in Music by Greg Gannicott on April 12, 2008
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As a follow up to my earlier Elbow review, and to backup just how special a gig it was, here are three more reviews of the show. Each of them get it and the band spot on:

Eep! – a blog
Jennifer Heidi’s Blog
This Is Bristol

Since reading these I’ve wanted to write more about the gig, as they’ve reminded me of things I’d forgotten, but you’d just as well read them as they say it all.

3 Responses to 'More Elbow Gig Reviews'

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  1. rob said,

    Greg, high praise indeed – many thanks!

    And an excellent write-up yourself.

    Jenn and I are now both faced with the problem of what gig can possibly better Elbow now. I’ve got my Glasto ticket for this year, so I don’t know whether to wait it out til the end of June, or try and slip something else onto the calendar before then. Decisions, decisions…

  2. Greg said,

    I know what you mean. Every now and then you get gigs that almost ruin the gigs that follow. Flaming Lips managed to completely overshadow the Muse gig I saw the next week. Thats a testament to how good the Lips were I think (they almost did it to Radiohead at Glasto back in 2003, but Radiohead were equally as good).

    We’re in the process of moving home at the moment and we’re getting married in July, so apart from the sunday ticket we’ve got for Glasto, I think I’ll be avoiding gigs until after July so the Elbow gig shouldn’t have to big an impact. The Elbow gig was the first time I got the train up and back – almost an experiment – and it worked well, so I hope to see many more gigs when I have money again.

    And thanks for taking the time to comment on this post.

  3. jenniferheidi said,

    Thanks! Great review yourself, Greg. Reading your write up did the same thing for me – it just reminded me of all the great bits I’d managed to forget so thank you. Has put a smile back on my face after an exhausting week at work!

    At the Reading Festival last year, I happened to catch Manchester Orchestra, who I’d never heard before on the first morning. They were spellbinding. Great, epic songs, a shy and unassuming lead singer with a fantastic voice and a keyboard player that looked unnervingly like Richard Prior (sans moustache). It nearly, *nearly* ruined my whole weekend. Luckily, they were topped and topped again…

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