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Elbow Setlist – April 9th, 2008

Posted in Music,Technology by Greg Gannicott on April 15, 2008
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This is the set list from the Elbow gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall on April 9th.

I realise this content appears elsewhere on the blog (in an update to another post), but I thought I’d give it a post of it’s own. Its the sort of content I search for on the web, so the easier I can make it for others to find, the better for people like me.

A tip of the hat to Elmoo over on

As an aside, it would be really handy if a Wiki was setup for setlists to be placed. I’ve been tempted to do it myself but I think it would be difficult to get going as it will require a large number of gig goers to get it going.

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  1. David Thomas said,

    Thx for this post.

    Ive created a site for people to post Gig Set Lists like you mention.
    It only just started but please visit and post any information that you have.

    The site is


  2. Andy said,

  3. Greg said,

    Andy, its interesting you point that one out.

    Compared to the rest of this blog, this particular post has done amazingly well in terms of hits. As well as to share the info I had, I posted it to see how well such information would do.

    As it did well, me and a friend started investigating the idea of launching a set-list wiki. Either using pre-built wiki software, or something created by ourselves (perhaps based on an API which provides gig dates).

    We started planning it and liked what we had. We then checked out Google to see what else was out there. We saw and at that point thought “well, sod it!”. had created the site we wanted.

  4. […] in April of last year I posted a review of an Elbow gig, and a couple days later the set-list for the gig. And every time they tour, those posts get what I consider to be a reasonable number of […]

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