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A Wiki for Set Lists

Posted in Music,Technology by Greg Gannicott on April 16, 2008
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At the end of my Elbow Set List post, I mentioned the idea of having a wiki for people to submit set lists for gigs. I assume such a site doesn’t exist as whenever I search for set lists I’ve never come across a site that is dedicated to the task. If I do find the set list I’m after, they usually show up on forums (if I’m lucky).

I mentioned in the post that it would be a tough task for anyone to create a wiki based set list site, as it would require a large number users to get anything useful going which would attract others to use and grow it.

After I wrote that post I gave it a little more thought. I took the theoretical site a step further. If you were to have a site dedicated to set lists submitted by fans you had just as well allow users to submit reviews for the gig as well – the two types of data are natural partners. I pretty much instantly dismissed that idea though on the grounds that already takes care of providing a means for fans to post reviews regarding gigs. What’s more, it’s got a pretty comprehensive list of gigs for that to run off of ……

Have you filled in the dots yet? would be a great place to hold set lists! All the required supporting data is in place, its got a large user base and it already encourages users to update data on the site, whether that’s via a wiki, posting a journal or through other means. All it would take would be for the developers at to add a section for set lists to their page designed to document gigs and hopefully from their users will take control and populate the lists after the gigs.

The data itself has niche appeal, so all the more reason for piggy backing it on to something with large appeal:

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  1. gsnacker said,

    Definitely a good idea. A mate of mine always goes on the hunt for the set lists for what ever band he’s going to see next, its handy knowing what to expect I guess. I don’t use think I’m going to have to join up now and campaign for your idea to be developed.

  2. Greg said,

    Thanks for commenting gsnacker.

    I must admit, I do my best to avoid setlists prior to the gig (not knowing what’s coming next is part of the fun for me) but I do like going home and creating a playlist off of the back of a gig, or at the very least its handy to find out what “that” song was that blew me away.

  3. […] posted the link partially because I thought it would be useful info for others, but also to see if there was demand for set-lists. At the time, I didn’t know if there were any sites out there dedicated to the task. I […]

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