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Upcoming Gigs: My Morning Jacket, Okkervil River

Posted in Music by Greg Gannicott on May 7, 2008
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I’m pleased to say I’ve arranged for two more gigs this year. Both will be very different events for me:

My Morning Jacket

In June I’ll be going to see My Morning Jacket (MMJ) in Bristol. If I had to pick a band that surprised me most in terms of how they performed live compared to in the studio, MMJ would be my choice by some distance. I previously saw them at Glastonbury when they were touring ‘It Still Moves’. On record they sounded like quite a controlled band, driven by guitar but not dominated by it. Live, they are headbangers and on first impression (I’ve not yet had a second) are a very (relatively speaking) heavy band – at least compared to what I was expecting (I should stress though, Fucked Up they aint).

I never considered It Still Moves to be that heavy, and their release since then (Z) less so. So although I’m expecting some headbanging, I’m expecting a slightly more timid performance this time round.

In terms of their music, MMJ have really grown on me over the past couple years. Initially I was hooked in by some neat country guitar solos, but the more I listen the more I discover – pleasingly this is most evident on their live album Okonokos. They are also one of those bands that sounds like they’ve really progressed over the years.

As it stands I’ll be going to MMJ on my own. I’m quite keen to go to a gig by myself. If I can do it then it will open the door to so many other gigs. At the moment I have to find someone else who is interested in the band and that’s not always possible. I’ve missed some good bands because of this.

Okkervil River

I would have gone to see Okkervil River regardless, but the fact its on the night before my wedding (in July) is a big bonus. It should make it extra special. And as I rarely drink much at gigs it should help me to avoid a hangover for the big day.

I got into Okkervil River earlier this year (maybe towards the end of last year). Like so many of my purchases I made it because Planet Sound (on Teletext) raved about it (Stage Names). On first listen I wasn’t at all keen. It sounded cheesy, with a hint of The Killers (not always a bad thing, but in this instance I felt it was). However, it soon became my favourite album of the moment. I’m pretty sure that on my old blog it got plenty of mentions at the time. I really should get more of their back-catalog though. I currently only have their latest album.

From what I gather the venue (Bristol Trinity Centre) is a converted church: I like the sounds of that.

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