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TheyWorkForYou: Making me want to vote

Posted in Personal by Greg Gannicott on November 23, 2008
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Until now, British politics hasn’t bothered me in the slightest. I follow it in the news (simply because I watch more news than is healthy) but I’ve never had the urge to vote. That’s unlike the American election where if I had the chance, I’d have happily voted for the Democrats.

My not wanting to vote has been down to the fact that neither party (Sorry Libs) interest me in anyway (I neither like or dislike them – unlike in American where I really do dislike the Republicans and quite like the Democrats). I’m tired of the spin, lies and party-politics. Just one episode of Question Time is enough to do that.

However, thanks to a Tim O’Reilly blog post, I stumbled across the site I’d heard about it before, but despite visiting it I never really read it.

The idea is, you type in your Postcode and amonst other things, it tells you what your MP has voted for and against.

Seeing that my Bridgwater Conservative MP (Ian Liddell-Grainger) is:


  • very strongly against a hunting ban
  • very strongly against a smoking ban
  • very strongly for the iraq war (ok, I was too at the time)
  • moderately against equal gay rights


makes me want to vote the chap out. More here.

Its the first time I’ve been able to see what he’s about. In his defense I’ve never tried to find out. But now I know, I don’t like it.

Congratulations Ian Liddell-Grainger, you’ve had that McCain effect on me and you’ve made me want to vote.

PS. His homepage looks like it was created in 1997. Classy.

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