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Teletext Search is Embarrassing

Posted in Technology by Greg Gannicott on February 3, 2009

Any company worth their salt now-a-days have someone searching the blogs and twitter for mentions of their company. Its with that in mind that I write this.

A few months back Teletext finally launched a search feature on their web site, and with it they made it possible to find old reviews, interviews and news from Planet Sound. The prospect of this thrilled me. Their reviews mean a lot to me, so when I’ve bought an album I’m always keen to see what they thought of it. Same goes if I’m thinking of buying an album.

The theory is great. However, the search is so poorly designed/executed that its practically unusable. I’m not expecting Google, but they’ve made two big mistakes that could easily be fixed with a tiny bit of investment:

1) I wish they’d aggregate their results! What do I mean by this? Check out this search for Elbow:

10 results, all for the same ruddy page. The only difference that I can see is the date, sometimes only seconds apart. Couldn’t they group all those together and select the one with the latest date? Unless I’m missing an important detail (given that I don’t work there, that is more than possible) it seems such a simple thing to do.

2) On the left hand side they offer the chance to narrow your results down by feed. The problem is, they only seem to offer two options (today that’s Sport Betting News and Weather). Would it kill them to offer a few more? Even if its at a high-level (eg. News, Sport, Entertainment, Weather etc) it would make life much easier searching it.

As a developer, it hurts and baffles to see something like this being released, especially by a company that’s home to so much great content.

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