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Providing Receipts via Email

Posted in Technology by Greg Gannicott on February 15, 2009
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I’m reading an interesting and strangely inspiring article on creating a well thought out store by Robert Scoble. I really like the following example from Apple stores. If you have a gmail account and don’t delete emails you’ll never lose this receipt:

Copy Apple and get rid of checkout lines. I hate standing in line at BestBuy. In fact I’ve walked out more than once leaving my purchase right there. That’s lame. Apple’s employees walk around with little computers in their hands. They ring you up right there without making you stand in line. They email me my receipt. Forcing paper on customers is totally lame, especially in this time where we’re supposed to be conserving paper.

via What Microsoft Can Learn About Retail from Apple and Best Buy | Robert Scoble’s innovator’s and geeks’ blog | Fast Company.

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  1. pochp said,

    I wonder if Microsoft is still capable of learning from others.

  2. Russ Taylor said,

    “Business At the Speed Of Thought” by the big Willy G himself is all about a paperless office. Microsoft managed to reduce themselves (internally) from about 1700 paper documents to about 3 (which are legally required to be in print).

    I hate paper anything, but I think I’d hate Apple store not having tills/queues. We’re British, queueing is one of our strong points, the purpose of a queue is to enforce “First come first served”. I have a shoe box that’s good for receipts, the shoe box gets binned every 24 months as all warranties within will be void.

    Anyway not sure how I started defending paper in the end, interesting article though 🙂

  3. Greg said,


    Different strokes for different folks I think. I’m not nearly as organised myself and I’m forever losing receipts. However, I’m never deleting emails so in theory I’d never lose an electronic receipt. What’s more, I could access it from anywhere thanks to my Blackberry (or in your case, G1).

    As for the queuing – I’d agree with you there. Its more the email receipts that appealed to me.

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