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Java Integer Annoyance in UltraEdit

Posted in Technology by Greg Gannicott on March 15, 2009
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A colleague in work occasionally comes across the same problem of his Java application failing because he spelt integer with a capital ‘I’ rather than a lowercase i. This was caused by UltraEdit auto correcting it for him each time. Basically it was too clever for its own good. One of the very few flaws of Ultraedit imho.

I did a quick Google to see whether there was an obvious solution for this but couldn’t find one. As I couldn’t find anything, I thought it would be wise to write about the workaround I figured out.

In short, edit the Wordfile so the word ‘Integer’ is no longer considered a keyword for Java. The side effect is the word ‘Integer’ will no longer appear with syntax highlights.

Below is a breakdown of how to achieve this.

This assumes you have a relatively standard ‘wordfile’. It’s quite simple and equally as obvious.

  • Open up UltraEdit
  • Select Advanced > Configuration > Editor Display > Syntax Highlighting
  • Click ‘Open’ – a document should open up in the background.
  • Click ‘Cancel’.
  • Press ctrl+f and enter “Java” into the search field. Press return and it should find “Java”.
  • Now press ctrl+f again and enter “Integer” into the search field. Press enter.
  • You might find other instances of Interger (such as BigInteger). You are looking for plain old ‘Integer’. Press F3 until you find it.
  • Once you’ve found it, delete it and save the document.

This issue should now stop happening.

2 Responses to 'Java Integer Annoyance in UltraEdit'

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  1. Ben said,

    Or you can go to Advanced / Configuration / Editor Display / Miscellaneous and uncheck “Auto-correct keywords”.


  2. Greg said,

    That’s a much better solution, thanks Ben 🙂

    I’ve encountered a few more since I posted this one and on every occasion I’ve edited the wordfile, but you’r solution is exactly what I need (rather than a dirty work-around). I’ve now updated all my UE installations with the change.

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