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The ‘Elbow Effect’

Posted in Personal by Greg Gannicott on March 15, 2009
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Its that time again! To make it sound dramatic, records are being ‘smashed’ on this blog (today sees its busiest day to date), and its not because I’ve written a clever, insightful technology related post linked to from Techmeme.. Its all because the band Elbow are back on tour.

Back in April of last year I posted a review of an Elbow gig, and a couple days later the set-list for the gig. And every time they tour, those posts get what I consider to be a reasonable number of hits.

Already today, the blog has had 40 new visitors, and during ‘Elbow Touring Season’ it averages around 30 a day. Its not a huge amount, but its much larger than I ever thought would look at this blog.

The set-list post has now received 1,347 hits – that’s more than half the number of visits to this blog. I sometimes wonder whether anyone has stuck around since reading it? Anyone bookmarked me? Added me to your RSS reader? If so, feel free to comment below.

I posted the link partially because I thought it would be useful info for others, but also to see if there was demand for set-lists. At the time, I didn’t know if there were any sites out there dedicated to the task. I thought, if there was demand it might be worth setting up a set-list wiki where people can add setlists to the gigs they’ve been to in order to help others. Given the response to the post, I started putting the plan into action. I got so far, then decided to Google for such a site just in case, and found As with all the good ideas, someone’s already beaten me to it and done a much better job.

Easy come, easy go.

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  1. Michael said,

    Thanks for the nice words. Your story is actually very close to the story why was started. It was a R.E.M. setlist though (but with Elbow as supporting act :-)).


    PS: of course you’re more than welcome to share your setlists on 😉

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