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Blogging when the Urge Takes Me

Posted in Technical by Greg Gannicott on May 13, 2009
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This blog rarely gets updated.

Quite often I’ll be walking to catch the train and come up with a blog post. Or perhaps be sitting on the sofa and come up with one. However, by the time I’m sat back in front of a PC (more to the point, a PC not in work) the urge to write a blog entry has gone.

In fact sometimes during my lunch hour I’ll write a post, email it home and still not bother to post it once home as again, the urge has gone. The moment has passed.

That’s why I’m really pleased to find out that blogging on my Blackberry really isn’t that painful now (see my previous post). Something I didn’t mention in that post was WordPress’ simple, yet functional interface.

Now when I get the urge I can type and post it there an then. The first such post is this one.


The Poor Folk at Three Mobile Call Centres

Posted in Personal by Greg Gannicott on May 23, 2008
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The people who work in call centres in India (etc) get a hard time, and although I feel its right that the company employing them (eg. Three Mobile) get a few harsh words, the staff don’t really deserve it. At the end of the day, they’re just earning a living and I can’t imagine the choice of jobs over there is too rich.

Its not just the abuse and bad attitude that they get from the customers that makes me feel sorry for them, its the job as a whole. Even the easiest of calls must be a dull, fruitless affair.

I just called Three to cancel my contract with them. I stopped using them a few months back as I wanted a Blackberry, and its only now I’ve bothered to cancel. Given that I’m with a new provider and have a phone I love, the chances that the lady was going to convince me to stay was zero. Yet the poor girl had to read off what must have been a 2 minute speech about the offer she can give me. Not only did she tell me about the number of texts, minutes I can get, but also a full in depth feature list of the phone on offer – some of the terms I’ve never heard of (although they sure sounded impressive.. the sort of seemingly meaningless details Hi-Fis use to have on the front of them to make them appeal over other players).

It was during these 2 minutes that I felt sorry for her. I knew full well that I was going to say no at the end and it was all going to be for nothing. At the time I couldn’t decide whether I would be doing the right thing by either rudely interrupting her and just saying “Really, no!” or wait it out and waste both our time by saying an apologetic “So sorry, but no thanks.” at the end. I chose the apologetic route. No doubt she went through the same tedious process during the next call. I bet that caller didn’t give it as much unrequired thought as I did.

Putting her plight aside, us consumers don’t get a great deal either. To me the mobile phone industry is not too distant from the political situation in this country (and here it is, the first and maybe last mention of politics on this blog). There isn’t really a great choice out there, you just settle for the lesser of two evils (sorry Libs).

From a political point of view, many people are now keen to see the back of Labour, but I don’t believe the Tories will be any different. We’ll still get the same lies, spin, initiatives and ultimately failure.

From a mobile phone point of view, you quite often hear complaints that Three have over charged, or their tech support is appaling (etc). Both me, Becky and mother have had issues with them. Becky’s wanted to change for ages. But the thing is, you get it with all mobile providers. Switching isn’t going to do much good. You’re still going to get the same crappy service, they’re still going to con you with the bills (etc.). In fact I think that’s what happened with Becky when she switched from Three to [I can’t remember who].

Still, you know life is good when you spend 30 minutes of your life moaning about something as unimportant as this.